Thursday, April 16, 2009

Valid Excuses For A Pseudo-Break

I would be relatively inactive in blogosphere for the next fifty days. Various reasons are listed down later in the post. Have been fairly disciplined with the rule "at least one post per ten days" , exceptions being a couple of vacations when I was not in Bangalore. The reason for the rule was the observation that most of the blogs that are now dormant were marred with irregularity. Increasing gaps between the posts presaged the imminent death.

Many bloggers face a trade-off between quality and quantity, especially when pressed for time. So do I for the next 7 weeks. "Quality or Quantity?" is the question. I am going to use the management mantra of "Power of And" ; would screw both of them. There would be infrequent filler-posts that which would take less than half an hour to compile as opposed to the usual 2-3 hours and I would tag the posts as Fillers. I am totally non-committal about that though as of now. The bigger loss, however, would be the reduction in communication with fellow bloggers, which is even more critical for blogs that are as young as this. But then, there are reasons for going slow, which are :

1. LSE Exams: I've confessed my love for mathematics in quite a few posts. Economics is another very interesting subject and I would strongly recommend to have at least basic understanding of economics if you are interested to develop a better understanding of the world around you. Economics is not all about money, we have "Finance" for the purpose. Economics (moreover microeconomics) is about choices, how and why we make them. The principle of "diminishing marginal returns" made me trade the ninth hour of my sleep for Yoga everyday. We all know that Yoga/exercise is good for health. However, after reading economics, it sounds foolish not to do so, considering the marginal returns vs marginal costs analysis for one hour of Yoga vs ninth hour of sleep.

I am studying this very interesting course since last three years and have my exams in late May and early June. Blogging has ensured that this year my subjects at LSE haven't received the desired devotion until now and now is the time to compensate for that.

2. IPL: Being a logical Indian male in late twenties, I am supposed to be crazy about cricket and I am predictable here.

The plan is to use the laptop as little as possible for the next few weeks and I know that if at all I log-on to the net on pretext of blogging, all I would do is follow live matches on net. Can't stop myself from predicting a few outcomes though. Last year's winners Rajasthan Royals would not make it to semis this year; neither will Kolkata Knight Riders. I see two new entrants to semis this year: Mumbai & Bangalore. Chennai should make it too. I rank Delhi, Chandigarh & Hyderabad in that very order as probables for the fourth berth in semis.

3. Work Load: Two of my projects are expected to be launched in coming months. That should explain, I reckon. Besides, I've also committed two posts per month to my other blog here and posts there need more time due to the professional nature of the blog.

4. Expected rise in frequency of social gatherings: Almost all of my current friend circle was born between March to May. That includes all the males in our family too: Dad, Bro & me. Usually, none of the males being discussed here have any specail feelings about their B'days and a typical "Happy B'day" phone call goes like this:

The phone rings. B'day boy picks up the phone," Haan bhai. Bol do tum bhi "
Friend : "Kya kar sakte hain yaar. Angrejo ki dee hui bimari hain. Le lo happy b'day"
B'day boy, "Saalon ne mobile bhi banaa diya hain. Dhung se neend bhi nahi ho paayi hain aaj."
Friend, "Sahi baat. Kitne thuk jayenge aaj ?"
B'day boy," Dekhte hain yaar, chocolate me tarka sake office ke logo ko to sasta rahega mamla. Tum log bhi thoosne ke mood me ho kya? "
Friend, "Yaar khilaoge to kha lenge, but aaj nahi; weekend pe set karo."
B'day boy, "Haan, aaj wise bhi emotionaly drain ho jaate hain free me smile kar kar ke."
Friend, "Chalo thik hain fir. Bataa dena jo bhi ho."
B'day boy, "hmmm."
The call is disconnected.

Life, in this part of the universe, has mostly been simple.


TinTin said...

"chalo theek hai phir bata dena jab bhi ho."

vaise happy b'day conversation mast likha hai..

kanika said...

lol..b'day conversation ws too good !

Economics was my fav subject in school as this was the sole paper I used to score full on full every single time, in wake of my rote learning :P . So the post brought back some real gud memories.

AJai said...

Hi there! Have just started following your blog when I read that you are planning a break. Well enjoy your time off. See you when you get back.

Kunjal said...

:D:D birtday conversation is too real:)
All the best for your exams:)

Arnab Majumdar said...

Best of luck for the exams dude... and you're not the only one who has Birthday Calls like that :P

Cheers man, seeya soon...

preposterous girl said...

Hey Parv..
As everyone here saying and I'm no exception that me too loved the B'day conversation..

BrownPhantom said...

Thanks a lot guys for your kind words :).
I am struggling hard to stay away from the net and hence slow in responses.
The first day's result in IPL are favoring the assessment in the post. I've got to stay away from IPL too though :).

Shruthi said...

Yep I echo that. KKR and RR will not even make it to Semis. SRK and his funda might just backfire. And it’s so boring to watch Shilpa Shetty, the greatest wannabe ever. So pretentious! Can’t take her anymore.
The first two matches were good I must say. I feel Chennai will strike back. And hope Bangalore wins!

Good luck for your exams :)

Vinnie said...

all the best then!!

c u soon with stories of success in exams n the IPL assesments..

kanchan said...

Hey Prashant first of all "Wish you a happy b'day " aur jo bhi ho bata dena :).
My assesment is :Mumbai,Delhi,Chennai,Punjab will make it to semis.

I wish Mumbai to win but Chennai and Delhi are equally competent.

I will miss your posts but same time all the best for your exams.

BrownPhantom said...

Thanks Shruthi, Vinnie & Kanchan :).

Sweet Nothings!!! said...

hey prashant good excuses.. well Mathematics has been a night mare for me ,its like haunting memories which doesnt leave you.
And as far as IPL goes am in for Rajasthan Royalsagain and bet you they would make it to the Semi's ...

Me said...

erm that's how your bday conversations go?wow..
welcome to Milky way, Alien..where Earthians lather fellow Earthlings in choco Cake n beat the pulp outa they wish the supernova remnant,Happy Birthday..Phir sonna toh door..utke chalna b mushkil ho jaata hai :P
ATB for your exams!!

Ruchi said...

hey u have a huge fan following man!! well tht only proves the fact tht u write veeery well..
hey n btw thanks for visiting my black page! lol.. it hardly exists, n for some1 to take note of it is really appreciated!

Indyeah said...

ALl the best for your exams:)
I come back from my break and find that you are on a break now:))the bday conversation reminds me of so many friends:D:D
all the very best:)
god bless:)

Destination Infinity said...

The IPL semifinals predictions are very interesting. Bangalore and Chennai both in?

And all the best for your examinations. I too need to spend less time online... I think it is hurting my eyes and hence making myself tired!

Destination Infinity

BrownPhantom said...

@Indyeah, Ruchi & Infinity,

Thanks a lot for stopping by. :)
I just updated the blog. COuldn't stop myself from writing another post. Need to ckeck on you guys now :).

santasizing...Fantasizing said...

i reallly realllly liked the happy bday conversation...:D...
u have this uncanny kind of sense of humor...
interesting:) following you!

santasizing...Fantasizing said...

by the of luck for ur exams:)