Friday, April 3, 2009

We The People

Scenario 1 : Two kids with their Mom
Mom : Sonu, Monu ! Come let's go to the Tagore Academy. There's an exhibition on Chola dynasty sculptures.
Sonu : Would there be any puppet show ?
Monu : Mom, why can't we go play football instead.
Kids sulk and then escape to the playground.

Mom learns that she was being foolish. Next day,
Mom: Sonu, Monu ! Let's go to the circus.
Sonu, Monu : Yay !!!!!!!!!
The kids start jumping around.
Scenario 2 : A group of engineering students in the boys' hostel
Ramesh : Hey Guys ! I've a cool idea. Let's start watching "Bidaai" every day.
Shyam : Brilliant !!
Mohan : And we would watch "Balika Vadhu" after every dinner ??
Shyam & Mohan mail a morphed photo of Ramesh in Ghagra-choli to everyone in the hostel.

Ramesh learns that he was being foolish. Next Day,
Ramesh : IPL season starts tomorrow.
Shyam : I love those words.
Mohan pretends playing a cover drive with his hands. Shyam catches the non-existent ball.
Scenario 3 : Election time in India
Politician : I promise roads, electricity and water to your village.
Voter1 : Yeah right !!
Voter2 : If not for those fifty rupees, I wouldn't be listening to these boring bluffs a hundredth time.
Crowd looks disinterested and not many claps and slogans are heard.

The politicians learn that they are being foolish. Next day,
Politician 1 : The community X is a threat. Look what they've been doing here....
Voter1 & Voter2 : He is so right !! Those b***rds need a lesson.
Deafening claps & slogan-shouting.

Politician 2 : The community Y has been suppressing you. I'll empower you .
Voter3 & Voter4 : He is our saviour. Those pigs would never be nice to us.

Deafening claps & slogan-shouting.

Politician 3: That businessman would take away your land. What's the use of jobs and progress.
Voter5 & Voter6 : God bless her. Let's chase that devil and his factory out of here.
Deafening claps & slogan-shouting.


Arnab Majumdar said...

That was a very crisp depiction of the harsh truth out there... well put man.


Indyeah said...

you have drawn parallels really well...

Anonymous said...

Hi Prakash,

Its aahang.Just got a note from indiblogger that you have added me to your netwrok.wanted to reciprocate but when I went to the link as directed I could not find how to add your blog to my network.
Just joined indi yesterday.would appreciate your help.thanks

BrownPhantom said...

@Indyeah & Arnab,
Glad that you liked it Thanks for dropping by :).

BrownPhantom said...

You might want to mail to their helpdesk. They are quite prompt ususally.

Vinnie said...

for the people!

Tandoori said...


Megha said... very true...we the voters are nothing but victims of the political conspirancy...isnt it ?

Ashwin said...

nice post man..
very well said.democracy is dead.long live democracy

Preeti said...

wow !! very nicely drawn parallels..

And Indians will be fooled again ...or will we be ...

lets Vote ...but to whom ?????

BrownPhantom said...

@Vinnie, Tandoori,
:). Thanks.

Yes we are, in acomplicated way.

Yes democracy has its evils. But those are further aggravated due to relatively low maturity levels of a typical voter. I guess, we as a nation would have to wait fr a few more decades to have more educated voters who just don't vote blindly based on caste/religion/stupid loyalties.

BrownPhantom said...


There are a few worthy candidates. But mostly, you can as well flip a coin.

Things are getting better though. Of course it would take a while and we need to be patient till then. This is a nation and not a person, that is growing wiser; it would take its own sweet time.

Swaram said...

Well written! The bitter truth :(

BrownPhantom said...

Glad that u liked it. Thanks :)

Shruthi said...

Liked the way you have put across your thoughts.
Speaking of democracy, I found this link which re-defines the famous song of Govinda “it happens only in India”. link-

Got here from Swaram’s blog. Keep writing

BrownPhantom said...

Thanks for dropping by. Good to c u here :).