Saturday, January 17, 2009

God's Own Child

There were impatient knocks on my door this morning. I stopped Eminem swearing loudly on my Laptop, opened the door and found the delivery boy from Gas Agency carrying a ripe red Cylinder with a unbroken seal on it.

"Sir, Where do I put it ?"

I was speechless. This was nothing less than divine intervention, a prayer anwered before it was made. Last time I ordered for the cylinder, it was 2006. I still had some Gas left in that Cylinder, but have been thinking since last few weekends of ordering the next one soon; have heard people complaining how long it takes to get the Gas after the booking and that had me concerned about occasional noodles and Tea, my midnight oil. I don't cook by choice, but not being able to do so, due to constraints, restricts my independence.

I am not into sleep-walking/talking but suspected that maybe unconsciously I might have called the agency since such thoughts have been bothering me; so I said :

"Did I order it?"

"Should I take it back?" Delivery boy was being helpful and understanding here.

"Ummm...OK..put it inside." the girl agreed reluctantly.

While replacing he told me that the previous one still seems to have a Rs.50 worth Gas left. Before this Angel came into my life,I had been worrying that I might have to drive to the Gas agency for the new order since my account might have expired (last time it wasn't easy). So I was prepared to waste petrol as well as my time which, put together or apart, are worth way more than 50. Clearly this was a much better deal.

Besides, saying no to the God's messenger brings bad luck.

I further tried to take full advantage of this opportunity and gave him two slightly torn Rs.100 notes along with others. Some smart fellow offloaded them to me months back and since then I've been struggling hard to find a bigger fool, but found no buyers. Correctly judging that this guy wouldn't give a damn about those notes since his job is just to transport assets, I offered and he accepted. That's how shallow we both were in that moment.

So... Thank you Lord and forgive me for my sins.


Indyeah said...

Please drop in and pick up something!:)

Lena said...

umm... you didnt order? and you got it? Life is beautiful, isnt it? :D

pravu said...

Forgiveness denied !! :-)

AJ said...

luck by chance..? :-D

Prashant Dhanke said...

@Aj, Yes you are right :).
And @Lena , the whole thing was fun, wasn't it :).
@Indyeah & Pravu , whatever you wish:).

Scattered Thoughts... said...

wicked !! :)

Akshaya Kamalnath said...

Nice blog...and its mostly Eminem on my comp too:)
Ouch...what you did is like taking money that belonged to you from an ATM...oh well you paid for this so not such a grat sin. But I'm sure the intended recepient of the gas cylinder would have cursed you :D