Sunday, February 1, 2009

Goa Trip : Introduction

So how was the trip ?

Words one expects to hear are : "Awesome", "Fantastic"," Disaster" ...
I am going to use similar words in a chain of posts devoted to Goa, but if there has to be an answer in as little word as possible, then I needn't utter a single word. The trip was planned for 4 days, but I ended up staying for 8 days. Action has, once again, roared louder than words.

I would be writing quite a few posts on the trip; this post is just to give an overview. The trip can be divided into two parts. The first 4 days (the planned ones) when Chitto was there with me and the last 4, when I stayed back and wandered around alone.

God has painted Goa a million times more colorful. Life and people are very different and even more interesting. And then there is the Sea: blue,benevolent, vast and playful. Of course, it is the troop of beaches that run the economy, but you've got to visit the place to see how charmingly humble the Sea is when it allows the land and its inhabitants to shine through.

I feel that right now I am too tired to do justice to the romance of the place, so let me quickly write down an unordered and incomprehensive list of things I would be talking about in weeks to come :

1. Experiences in the mighty Sea.

2. Beaches and the shacks.

3. Bike rides and water sports.

4. Excellent food and the drinks. (I didn't have a single meal sans alcohol for over 8 days).

5. The drunken walks on the streets and sea-shore late(very) at night. Sometimes I pictured myself as a lost soul, the other times as a warrior, or someone leaving Las Vegas, or...

6. Stay at the resort. Each hotel staff is a story in himself. Very friendly and interesting bunch.

7. People I met. This is going to be my favorite part.
There was this lunatic Russian; two Spanish ladies carrying their own paragliding kit ( pretty heavy); a Polish Kid on a beach who took a liking to me; people I met at the Titto's (the most over-rated place in Goa) and on the streets; another naughty kid Louise at the resort; the musicians who would come and play at the bar in the evenings; and then there were these three lovely ladies from UK , each prettier than the other, who soon became the life of the resort. The hotel staff named them "Pariyan", I prefer "Butterflies"; more colorful and yet so real.

8. Culture, tourists, haggling and miscellaneous.

Despite the excesses of the last week, my body( which is bronze now) isn't tired at all; but my brain is. Once I get in the groove, the detailed posts on each topics should be much more exciting and would do justice to the one heck of a trip I had.

Right now, all I need is some sleep; from one dream to another.


Ritu said...

four planned days followed by another four I smell DCH!! ;) I hope not!

Prashant Dhanke said...


Naa. Aisa kuch nahi hua :).

And thanks for following the blog.

Sanjay said...

Looks like you would write a book on Goa.

Rohan Saundattikar said...


I too was in Goa for 4 days. Sad that we cud not meet. But waiting to read ur version of the similar experiences ;)

Kanchan said...

The whole trip sounds very exciting !!

Prashant Dhanke said...


Arre sahi..Kahan kahan gaya tha Goa me ??