Monday, December 29, 2008

The year that wasn't

This has been a dull year for me. Not a great way to start a post but I do find myself questioning “Did I simply sidestep and let the driver of the bus (rather train) pass by without noticing me?”. I didn’t even yell back at the driver; just sat there chewing paan.

That this has been the most uneventful year of my life is an uneasy fact which can’t be denied. I look for answers. Mathematics provides some of them, rest I explain with the help of cricket.

In general (not always), we characterize situations in personal life to be significant when they happen for the first time or have an high intensity of experience. So first day at the college is a day we all remember but at the same time no parent would not cherish the birth of the second child.

Life is such that the probability of anything happening for the first time reduces with age. When exactly do you expect the first shower of monsoon to drench you: June or September? The first word is uttered in months, first step taken in a year, first crush happens before you’ve seen a decade and so on and, as the usage goes, so forth. I don’t expect to have my first pimple or the first job on the wrong side of twenties. Yes, there are things like the first white hair which will take its own sweet time, but that’s what the point is: number of such events reduces with the age. At the cost of sounding sissy, I must admit that the only first thing I see happening to me in near future isss …welllll..."samajh me nahi aata kaise kahun"…MARRIAGE (which, for information's sake, and for the delight of lovely ladies reading this blog, I must mention, is not yet fixed).

What happens, sir, to the intensity, you might ask. It reduces logarithmically. Your tenth year is 10% of your entire lifetime you have lived till then while your 30th is 3.33%. dY/dX=1/X implies Y=log(X). So a bonus or a promotion now doesn’t thrill me as much as it used to about three years ago. I am pretty calm now whenever my Vinnie nudges a fellow passenger. She’s got bruises all over her anyway. Of course there are certain things like wine and wisdom that get better with age, but that’s an ongoing process and not accountable. Saying that I grew wiser this year is like taking comfort in “You are unique”. Nothing different from others here and hence the intensity is lost.

The above two observations do provide a logical justification for the current state of affairs; some introspection is still in order. I wasn’t a lazy bum for the entire year and did lead a cheerfully optimistic and active life; didn’t stop trying either. To say that this was a year of consolidation and strengthening wouldn’t be miles away from the truth. Talking cricket here, I must say that the batsman didn’t score a duck or a century, but did manage a whole lot of runs and improved his technique. So if the “events” are scoring 0 or a 100, the statistics wouldn’t show any ticks in those columns but the averages and strike rates are a pleasing spectacle.

Let’s take some of my team’s batsmen one by one in this 2008 innings. Mr. Health was the man in form and scored a flourishing 88; he had never looked in such fine touch. Regular practice and disciplined approach, he claims, is the key to his success. There was a promising debut by Mr. Blog with his 45. Some of his shots showed solid technique and promise of a stable future; we’ll have to wait and watch how far he goes.

After scoring back to back centuries in last two innings, Mr. Finance returned with a measly 14. The bodyline bouncers from Lehman Brothers got him retired hurt and specialist say that it might take more than a year for him to recover.

Mr. Relationships worked pretty hard to get back in form and scored a gritty 40. There were some poor shot selections, but overall you got to admire the skill, courage and patience he was showing on the bouncy tracks which he is not very accustomed to bat on. Unfortunately he feels that he was a victim of a bad run-out decision by the umpire; in the hindsight he shouldn’t have attempted the risky single. Ususally , the batsman gets the benefit of doubt, but such has seldom been the case with Mr. Relationships.

However, Mr. TripToGoa was the unluckiest of them all; he didn’t even get the strike due to bad light. However he is destined to play up the order (read January) in the next innings (read 2009).Mr. Job did well with a handy 76. He makes batting look so easy and comfortable. Not the one to shy away from playing the risky reverse sweeps, he has been a soothing delight to watch. Mr. Rubbishknowledge steadily accumulated 69.

Similar contributions have ensured that the innings total is around 424 (even though there isn’t a single century) which is not bad by any standard when you look at the pitch. The batsmen have learnt their lessons and are improving further. I take solace in the fact that the team never looked getting out below 200 and steady progress was the theme of the day. Gaining the advantage of this innings, they can play an attacking game further; I anticipate firecrackers in 2009. Someone told me long ago, there’s calm before the storm.

PS: My friend Pravu has suggested an engaging topic after reading this post. Why don't you guys submit the runs scored by your batsmen in 2008: Mr. Health, Job, Relationships and you may add further. Check out the comments to get an idea :).


pravu said...

If i correctly remember is it "Law of diminishing marginal utility" ? Kyun suna suna lag raha hai ki kisi ne kahi to economics padhaya tha .. kya wo btech tha? dream !!! confusion !! disbelief !!

BrownPhantom said...

Haan, Kaafi close hain uske. Just ki wo law same cheej ki utility ke baare me baat karta hain; yahan point hain ki cheejo ki frequency hee kum hoti jaati hain and even utility bhi cheejo par spread hokar kum hoti hain. Meri hee kisi post me padha hoga ye law recently, Kharagpur ki padhaai to yaad nahi rahti ab tak.

Sanjay said...

Mr Job : 40
Mr Relationship : 100 ( I am engaged).
Mr. Health : 30 (Gym join karna padega).
Mr. Cigarrate : 0

pravu said...

Well, my team put forward some splendid innings and some very poor ones in the end to eat out the glory.
Mr. Health - Scored some 100s in most part of the year with average 92

Mr. Finance - The new guy who merely started an year back proved to be a elegant run scorer till the the last two months where he is showing some really bad form with an average of 40 over the year, thanks to average of 1 in last two months

Mr. Relationship - Oh, this guy is the most unpredictable. He reached double century and ducks with equal ease. An entertainer but Media hates him. (50)

Mr. Job - He showed some talent and averages 69. Critics have wide range of views.

Mr . TriptoGoa - Duck in every innings without fail. He was thrown out of the coming series.

Mr. Rubbishknowledge - Mere 22 over the year with some promise in last two months. Apparently, this guy plays only when most of others fail.

Mr. Rest - The rest of the long tail did fair with average 48.

Cumulative average total score 321 over the year. The performance of last two months particularly have been very very poor. Good luck for 2009..

Sunrita said...

Hi Prashant...
you have a great blog and I loved the post...Happy Blogging... :)

TM said...

Found your blog on alpha inventions - an interesting read!

Mayuri (THE IT whiz) said...

Mr Job : 92 Showed Qwest some new shots in the form of work-from-home and had big SIXERS in its innings.
Mr Relationship : 100 (Rem Geet).
Mr. Health : 80 (survived bouncers for 9 mths and "delivered" well :D)

Mr . TriptoGoa - Did not make it to the playing 11 :D. 2009 may prove lucky for him.

Mr. Finance - Rough season with ESF n all. But practice with ESF may well turn out to be the dark horse of the next season.
As for the firsts,
1. Marriage
2. First house
3. First baby
4. First merc
5. First foreign trip for mom-dad

And trust me, these things do go down better with age ;)

BrownPhantom said...


Yes, you guys had a rocking 2008 :). I would have counted Geet as a triple century.

BrownPhantom said...

@Sunrita & TM,

Thanks a lot for the appreciation.

Smitha S said...

Nice reading ..believe me ur the happiest right now....and dont even think getting married if u want to be lucky :-)happy new year

Brownphantom said...

Thanks for the advice :). A very Happy New Year to you too .

Kanchan said...

Hey Your Blog made a perfect 100. I luv reading it !! let him play for ICL,IPL,Ranji or county anything but let him score :)

Ritu said...

Interesting read!! :)

tujhe call karti hoon...will be in b'lore this weekend...will catch up...its' been a long time...n' BTW...aaj mai "hamare" school jake aayee! :) details when we meet...till then take care...

Scattered Thoughts... said...

oh my!! interesting is the word.. altogether a different approach to look at the year passed by :)

BrownPhantom said...

@Scattered Thoughts

Good to see you here :).

Jinu P said...

haha! you have a nice fun blog! having a lot of girls in my blogger circle, i was sort of getting depressed with posts about missing people/love/shoes/bags etc.

It is refreshing to read fun stuff like yours :)