Sunday, June 20, 2010

Hello World

This poor thing has been starving for months. And so, here’s an update on what I was up to during this time. Not that I expect/wish/accept that anyone would care; it’s just that something must be written for the blog to be not declared dead and there’s nothing worthwhile brewing in my mind for the time being. So here’s the list of things I did in chronological order during this period of absence:

  1. Turning Thirty: Yes, pity me, but kindly keep the feelings to yourselves. No sympathies in comments, please. I know age is just a number, but that number right now is greater than 29, is twice that of 15 and it’s sad to think that I have an experience greater that of ten kindergarten kids combined. Henceforth, I fervently support replacing decimal system with hexadecimal; a respite for two more years. (If you didn’t get this, congratulations.)
  2. Visited Germany: Well, I mention the trip because it was fun and I was drunk for five consecutive nights and everyone in my neighborhood in Dewas knows that I have been to Germany. I must confess (with Desi pride), that I peed right below the stars in a Berlin street (it was 4 AM). Also, an empirical rule is that at any point of time, someone in Berlin is jogging.
  3. Visited Dewas and other nearby furnaces: A cousin got married in Jalgaon on the hottest day in memories of all those who were present at the wedding. Folks over there, in their infinite wisdom, have marriages at noon in the month of May. And so it happened that I danced on “Mangtaa hain to aa jaa rasiya” at 1 in the noon when the temperature was 49 degree Celsius. Later that day, we learnt that a groom in another wedding died due to heat while he was still sitting on the horse. That became the topic of discussion in the region for next two days and we all were really proud of our groom. Here's a shot of mango trees in our farm. The mangoes, although not fully ripe, were delicious.
  4. A Qualified Mathematician: Given what mathematics has done for me, it would have been a disgrace to die without a degree in the subject. I am now B.Sc. in Mathematics and Economics from London School of Economics. Please excuse me for reiterating: I am now B.Sc. in Mathematics and Economics from London School of Economics. With that, I am a bachelor three times over and none of the ways has been easy.

A lot more insignificant and/or secretive (nothing scandalous, sadly) events transpired during this period of absence, but let’s stop this self-indulgent show now. The number of 'I's in this post makes me shudder with shame.


KT said...

Congrats on the new degree :)

A hilarious post as usual!!

V Rakesh said...

Congrats on the new degree! And on the travelling!

Empathies on being on the way to 30! I'm 31 :) And am using that to surprise people since I don't look any close! :)

Shanu said...

LOL@ we were all very proud of our groom

Welcome back Uncle :P

santasizing...Fantasizing said...

if it makes u feel any better,i'd be 30 in 4 yrs from now...:P

congrats on the "Brilliant Mathematician" tag..for some one like me(who shudders at the thought of studying math)..ur a demi god!!:)

Preeti Shenoy said...

Why is the word verification asking me to type 'Peshab'? !!! Yuck ! Please do something about it! :)

If replaced by hexadecimal,U'd still be getting there eventually :) and you could always say you the experience of two 16 year old girls instead of ten kindergarden kids ;-) :D

welcome back O wizard of math!


Pesto Sauce said...

I too will turn thirty next year, its a milestone

I too want to visit Germany someday

Shruthi said...

welcome back :)
you visited Jalgaon in May? *applause*

soorya said...

this is my first time on ur blog :)
and i really liked it :P

Atrisa said...

If being 30 means enjoying your life the way you are, I can't wait to get to it :)

P.S: Geeks like me should get the hexadecimal joke :P

asha said...

Age is definitely a number, don't bother about the 30. Number matters only when we get our salary.
Congratulations on your degree from LSE.

BrownPhantom said...

@KT, Thanks :)
@Rakesh, Thanks and let's not talk about that.
@Shanu, Time always go forward ma'am. Remember this :).
@Santasizing, No, it doesn't. Thank you so much for the compliment :)

BrownPhantom said...

@Preeti, Must be due to that Berlin reference :). "Wizard" is so much more than exaggeration . And, no comment son the experience of 16 year olds :). Thanks :)

@Pesto, That stone can be a burden. Germany is GOOD. Thanks :)

@Shruthi, Thank you, thank you :) Didn't I tel you about that ?

@Surya, Thanks :)

BrownPhantom said...

You are having fun too, I gather :).
And Geek you might be, but please don't call yourself that :). It's a bad omen.

@Asha, Thanks a lot :).

Kaarta said...

Hilarious post, you have a great sense of humour.

Engineero-o-Engineer though, if we moved to hex, you would have 18 more years to 0x30, not 2. Rejoice!

Eveline said...

Here's the thing - men when they get older, they get distinguished and handsome(er? handsomer?) men are better when they are older. women? not so much. chicks dig men with gray hair. You dont hear men talking all "Oooh she looks all sexy sexy with that gray hair!" yeah no. not so much. men yes. women no.

Wonderful - congrats on the extended education. Go pour yourself a really strong drink. :)

Minu said...

Turning 30 - Meaning a more wiser phantom? And many many many witty, humourous and intellectual posts?

Congrats to the additions of degrees, subtraction in age,and ltiplication of blog readers.Do you see I am one ardent reader?

From all the above integrated your could settle with the derivatives!