Sunday, June 27, 2010

All Apologies

I did this guest post here at Preeti's blog last week.
And then Atrisa has tagged me with honest scrap here. Thank you Atrisa :P.

The post fits in well (since it's of confessional nature) with the tag. So here goes :

All Apologies:

1. Apologies Led Zeppelin, for using one of your songs in a game of Antakshari. Couldn’t help it, the opposite team had stooped to using regional songs. It was “Stairway to Heaven”. “The” se gaana tha.

2. Apologies Rats. I persuaded a friend of mine to study biology. He has dissected hundreds of your lot since then. Honestly, I didn’t foresee that at all. My soul is as pure as yours.

3. Apologies nations playing in World cup football, for one of my countrymen did this. On similar lines, if you are a proud Mallu, you better be prepared with explanations for this .

4. Apologies that person who studied Electronics for four years simply because your elder brother was a vague acquaintance of mine. Long back, your elder brother asked me whether you should opt for Electronics or Computers and I convinced him for Electronics just to see whether I could do that. I hope you are doing some kickass solid state physics work at Princeton. Fat chance though.

5. Apologies Berlin sky, for I have peed in open, right beneath your stars and inspired three others to do the same. While we are at it, apologies Miami sky too.

6. Apologies the interview candidate whom I rejected a few years ago. You sneezed on my hands and didn’t apologize. There is yet to be a study which reveals a correlation between bad manners and ability to crack complex algorithms. I suspect it to be positive, but clearly I got carried away with that fine gesture of yours.

7. Apologies Megan Fox, but I can’t marry you.

8. Apologies all those who were beaten up or appeared stark naked in my dreams. Although I seek redemption in the fact that more often than not, the victim has been me, myself. Megan dear, you belong to one of the two mentioned categories. Excluded from this apology is a fellow who was the only one to be murdered. Thrice.

9. Apologies person X, for, well, whatever.


Shruthi said...

Silsila just cant be explained I suppose; totally kvlt.
Antakashari you say? Now I feel like singing "sayonara sayonara". it used to be my favorite "sa" song.

Preeti Shenoy said...

Loved this post.
Thank u for guest blogging.

V Rakesh said...

Hey hey, now, about #7, she already has accepted my apologies a long long time ago! What are you talking about!

moonlite:D said...

sooper :)

Atrisa said...

:) Always a pleasure reading you, especially when you're being sneaky and all ;)

kanchan said...

Awesome !! :)) . Need a "I forgive" post too.

AJ said...

god one man...visitng after a long time.... LOL at point 7... :-D

AS said...

'the opposite team had stooped to using regional songs'... why? are regional songs all crap?

Minu said... rock! the thoughts,words and simplicity- you have it all!

Is someone stalking you? :) :)

Inafeelingnamed Love said...

Loved this post please check