Friday, November 27, 2009

Her Diary

Everyday life for a female is never easy in a conservative society. Being a werewolf doesn’t help.

Waking up naked beneath the park benches, even if only twice a month, belongs firmly to the class of experiences better not had. Digging out the box of clothes and dressing up while lying down on the ground can’t be excluded from that category either.

It all began six months ago. On the first such full-moon night, I was lucky to have slept with door bolted. Rinku was too keen to get a second opinion on his guitar skills and mom-dad were out of town. In the morning, my bed-sheet and nightgown was shredded to threads, the door was scratched (a SRK poster hides the nail-marks now) and the room smelt of poop, which lay on the carpet. I cleaned all that up before parents returned.

“Didi, this is not fair. I played the guitar only until 11 and you howled throughout the night. But I’ll throw away the guitar if you teach me how to howl like a wolf as good as you did last night. It sounded so real, though you overdid it.” Rinku complained later.

Since then, on every full-moon night, I go to the park with a box (to keep my clothes), a couple of horse-tranquilizers, and no make-up. At around 11.30 PM, I get undressed beneath a park bench, put my clothes in the box and bury it in the ground before taking two shots of the tranquillizers. The tranquillizers keep the wolf-me drowsy and inactive; or so I think, because I can usually recollect only hazy memories of the night once I wake up in human form again.

Despite all the careful planning, at least one murder can be attributed to me; it was committed when in human form. Four months ago, when I woke up in the park, I found that the wolf-me had torn apart all my clothes during the night. There was no way I was coming out from below the bench, stark naked. Luckily for me, an early jogger came and sat on the bench. I pulled her leg and when she looked down, I hit her head with a stone with a force of magnitude that was more than necessary. I quickly changed into her clothes and jogged my way back home. There were reports later “Woman killed in park. Her torn clothes found nearby.”

Thereafter I bury the clothes in the box before having the shots to keep them out of harm’s way. Also, have changed the park after that incident.

Apart from such hazards, too many lies have to be told to keep this affair concealed. Firstly, I have to tell my friend Sheena to give me a missed call on certain nights so that I can tell my parents that office has called me for the night shift. Sheena has been told that I need her help to sneak out for my fictitious boyfriend Raj. So as not to let her observe any pattern, I ask her to call on normal nights too sometimes.

Another niggling problem is the increase in expenses on waxing. On normal nights, whenever I look at the moon, my body-hair grows at a faster rate. I have to keep visiting different beauty parlors to avoid suspicions. Don’t advise me “Permanent Hair Removal”; therapy. A skinned wolf would never make for a good sight.

Before I whine further about more troubles, you might be curious as to what caused this werewolf phenomenon. I say, ask who first. He (may be she) calls himself Dr. Why. I got to know about him only last month on the day of Rakshabandhan.

While having lunch on that day, Rinku began recounting a strange correspondence that started many months ago. He received a post from a certain Dr. Why. It contained two tablets wrapped in a five rupee currency note. On the note, it was written “Eat these”. Rinku threw the tablets away, but kept the note. A few days later, he received a letter asking him to return the five rupees since he hasn’t eaten them. Horrified at Dr. Why’s knowledge, he posted a five rupee note back to the address where the letter came from.

Two weeks later, another post came, with two tablets, but in a ten rupee note. This time Rinku flushed the tablets at midnight. Once again a letter followed, some days later, demanding the ten rupees back. Rinku obliged.

This continued with fifty, hundred and then a five hundred rupee note. Rinku never ate those tablets and kept returning the money. But every man has a price. Teenage boys have even lower. Rinku gave in when Dr. Why sent him the tablets in a thousand rupee note. He dropped a tablet in my tea (that was the only day in my life when he has brought me tea from kitchen).

No letter came for weeks after that. But four days after I had my first transformation in the park, Rinku received another thousand rupee note on which was written “This is even better”. Rinku never understood that Dr. Why must have seen his sister naked in animal and in human form. On the day of Rakshabandhan, when I tied him Rakhi, he gave me a thousand rupee note and the explanation of where it came from. Mom just slapped him on his head. “Naughty boy”, is all he got. Rinku says he doesn’t remember where the other tablet is.

I went to the address where the letter came from. No one was to be found.

I keep my ear open for any footsteps that might follow me on full-moon nights. Haven’t had any luck till now; but the day I find Dr. Why, he would be torn apart.

Meanwhile, the immediate concern is Karwa-chauth. Mom wants me to fast the entire day, which I can manage. But the looking at moon on a full-moon night might result in shortening of the life of the wives on terrace. I am yet to find a solution for this one.

To be continued: (The intent is defintely there)

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Ashley said...

Lolz...This sure was a fun read! Waiting for the 2nd part.
Will try and vote for ya. :)

Nicky said...

Somebody's imagination is running wild ;)

I'd advise her to fake her periods or go off on a work trip to a far off city :D !

V | I | N | A | Y said...

Too much..!! Dont ask me how long I have waited for this post after the previous one..!! This really gives me some piece of mind on a not so exciting Saturday mate..!! Thanxx..!! :-)

Megha said...

Interesting..after reading the vampire series, this one is a welcome...

Rashmi said...

Waiting for the sequel...
good one :)

bondgal_rulz said...

Oieeee!!! This is super cool!!

WAITING for the next part!!!

Shanu said...

Lol..this is super fun..Loved it :)

Shruthi said...

Dr.Why sure needs to be torn apart. will wait for the next part.
amazing imagination! :D

Destination Infinity said...

I like such horror stories. Realistically written. One of my relatives is too good at narrating ghost stories! :)

Destination Infinity

Meghana Naidu said...

talk about being weird
and what a time to do a "to be continued"

BrownPhantom said...

Thank you all :). Highly obliged :).On vacation right now, shall continue when back :).

numerounity said...

Wild imaginations and interesting too..Now it is nice to see you after such a long gap writing on things other then kricket!

Hope to see more of you here and also how the story unfolds...

Ruch said...

wow -- imagination definately running wild :-)
cant wait for part 2

umangexuberance said...

boy! you sure have some imagination
warewolf indeed :D

TinTin said...

kaafi mast likha hai yeh post.. enjoyed

Lakshmi Rajan said...

Hmmmm indian version of wolfman ... btw, isnt the second part long due ? ;)