Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Cheerleaders in T20 : An analysis of poll results

Following are the results of a poll conducted on RCB blog :

If I were Pratibha Patil, I would invite the WCWHB party to form the government. The single “Other” {Nirdaliya) is all they need to woo to reach the critical halfway mark. In fact, even the second biggest opposition party with 32% votes wouldn’t mind giving outside support to WCWHB, a party that is keen to follow traditions but is brave enough to entertain experiments.

So strong is the winning party’s philosophy that the ideologically opposite and right-wingish NCAA (No Cheerleaders at all) party members are being speculated as lunatics. More about this loser party, later.

Let’s have a look at the demographic distribution of supporters of these parties. As is the norm in media, I would ignore the Nirdaliya.

1. WCWHB: Hope shines out from the party’s name. Remember Obama’s campaign. Those who voted for WCWHB, saw a colorful future. The fusion promised the taste of old and a sight of new, a beautiful amalgamation of different cultures . A few nerds too joined these guys just out of curiosity. They mistook the rhetorical beginning “Why can’t we” literally.

2. ILWMG (let’s have foreign cheerleaders): Some might accuse this party of patronizing anything foreign. The nasty ones can even smell racism (I love WHITE Mischief Gals). Truth is that this party liked what it has seen so far (understandably) and hence is resisting the change.

3. IP(We should have Indian cheerleaders): One might recall “Videshi Hatao, Swadeshi Apnao” days. The party should now look at the benefits of globalization that this country is reaping. Whenever Ross Taylor hits the ball for a six, we would love to see Indian cheerleaders dancing with dandiya sticks, but wouldn’t it be nice to have the foreign ones with pom-poms to compliment them. By the way, dandiya sticks would be so cool with some steps.

4. NCAA: Sadist would be a stronger word for the party. One out of the four is a not-so-considerate-wife. The second one doesn’t have a Tv and follows cricket on cricinfo. Third one is a religious fundamentalist with misplaced interests. Fourth one is Kallis himself, the one whose sister Janine dances for the opposition. As a cheerleader in the IPL 2008, Janine started dancing at the fall of a RCB wicket only to discover it was brother Jacques trudging back to the pavilion. "I don't mind really," said Kallis. "Except, she really did seem to be doing her job very well when I was out. She didn't have to look so pleased!"

I am so glad that the party I voted for won. It helps recover from the blues mentioned in previous post after the CL got over.

Conclusion: Cheerleaders, as a rule, are all good.


Swaram said...

Ha ha! What an analysis :P

Did nt know abt Janine! Poor Kallis ;)

Shruthi said...

:D dandiya sticks replacing pom-poms? the party will win loads of Gujarathi votes :)

btw I noticed this when I was in the stadium, men lose themselves in front of WHITE mischief girls. poor guys go to lengths to catch their attention. they try their dance steps too :D

Shanu said...

LOL...tat was sum analysis :):):)

LOL @ NCAA description :)

Anonymous said...

Brilliant. :)

I say screw the elections , let Vijay Mallya be the president and we'll happily subject to a dictatorship. :D

AJai said...

Yes... why keep Patil as prez? sack her... give it to the good Dr Mallya... giver of all wonderful things.
I don't mind Indian chicks as cheer leaders... but from personal experience.. they need to learn to shake their booty! They jus don't do it the way it should be done. Cricket will be such a better game if we can get some voluptuous Indian beauties to shake their booties when it's a boundary/wicket. Ah... bliss!

Absolutely Normal Chaos said...

LOL, funny :P

On a more serious note, I think the cheerleaders concept should be done away with. I mean it's just another one of those things we take from the West and it's not tasty (McDonald's) and it doesn't give us good music (MTV) or good clothes (UCB), you know? Agreed that guys probably have a different take on this haha. But really it's such an irrelevant, random side distraction from the game.

And oh yeah, we need to get over the "white" fixation. Really. High time.

Great post, again! :)

bondgal_rulz said...

Ha ha!!! SOME analysis that!! :D

Lol @ the Janine - Kallis incident. :D


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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