Tuesday, November 4, 2008

What Happens In Dewas Stays In Dewas

After six long years, I celebrated Diwali with family in my home town Dewas (fondly called Las Dewas by expatriates).

“Aa gaya wapis ? Kya kiya Diwali par?” chirped Mukta, a very dear friend now, enthusiastically back in 2002 when I returned to Gurgaon after Diwali celebrations.
“Aisa kuch nahi kiya jo baaki log nahi karte” was the succinct response in a nonchalant and naturally cold tone.

I’ll answer her question this year with a little more description. Most of the mornings I had to keep a three year old entertained so that his mother could help my Mom prepare sweets. Another daily occupation was to wait in Verandah for a cow to come along and then inform Mom; she would feed her last night’s leftovers.

For Dad, I was the expert driver. Dad has been driving for decades, but still can’t reverse a car confidently. So I drove him through the town and waited outside while he entered his client’s places to distribute Gifts & sweets. Played a hard fought Test-series with Bro that spanned over five days. Met a couple of close school friends after very long time. We all have grown old now.

Dewas now has a cool multiplex to boast of. The ticket costs sixty rupees and they come to your seats to take the order for popcorn and soft drinks which, I am proud to say, are priced nearly as much as in Bangalore. Bro & I went with a couple of neighbourhood friends to watch “Golmaal Returns”. The seat next to Bro was damaged; whoever tried sitting on it fell on the floor. There were three such victims and watching them go down was way more hilarious than the movie. All attentions were diverted to that seat whenever a potential Bakra came to sit there; once my eyes were fixed on the screen when the stranger seating beside me nudged “Ek aur aa riyaa hain”. No one warned the poor fellow and once again everyone burst out laughing when he crashed.

Unwillingly burst a lot of crackers and ate thousands of sweets. Midway through all these excesses, I developed an irritating cough in my chest which made breathing difficult during the nights. I’ve managed to stay away from medication since last seven years with some luck, strong determination and persistent laziness. Expressed the desire to extend the run to ten years when brother suggested visiting a doctor. Bro reasoned “ Yaar wo record to Bangalore ka hain. What happens in Dewas, stays in Dewas.” Persuasive argument, but so many Sloths have survived a lifetime without a visit to the Vet. Good old treatment comprising of less food, lots of water and 12 hours of sound sleep for two days came to rescue once again. The glorious run continues.

One of the most enjoyable parts of the day is to read the local Hindi newspaper with morning tea. Fashion movie’s review read: “Is film me tamaam models nashe ki latiyad ho jaati hain aur apna jeevan bistar aur ramp par bitaa deti hain”. Even better was a Diwali-special booklet which had an article informing the reader with ten points about places where the Goddess Laxmi stays and the places she shuns. “Jo poora nanga ho kar nahaata hain uske ghar Laxmiji nahi rahti”. I know that Santa Clause doesn’t visit you if you are naughty throughout the year, but have my doubts over this “Thou shalt not bathe naked” maxim. Haven't done a survey on this one , but my guess is that most of the readers should be spending their life in penury. Also, please be informed that having sex at sunrise or sunset adversely affects your financial prospects.

Overall the trip to my little town was great and apparently aisa bahut kuch kiya jo baaki log nahi karte .


pravu said...

all clothes must be worneth

AJ said...

“Ek aur aa riyaa hain”. lol..... Have heard this lingo from Nish... :D

Fashion review was class... but still I prefer "John, suprabath....machli pakadne ke liye......."

ps: anyway, mez waitin for "desh drohi" of KRK..(... a potential threat to SRK).. for some sooper hindi ham seqeunces... :)


Rohan Saundattikar said...

This post refreshed dewas memories. The "1 aur aa riya hai" lingo is just awesome.

"To bhiya......esi post aate ren dena" ;)


TinTin said...

aisi mast posts ki baichar zaari rahe..jai mahakali !

Ritu said...

missed on meeting you there...I visited apna Dewas after Diwali...

"ek aur aa riyaa hai!!" hillarious! :D

tekdi pe nahi gaya kya? :)

Ali Asgher Zakir said...

O bhiyaon...aur bhi aisi yaadein hedo apne dimag se aur idhar daal do...waise aajkal jyada thand ni baj ri hain idhar..apan kidhar hon ?

BrownPhantom said...

@Ritu , I don't know how I missed your comment . Ab trigger laga diya hain for every comment to send a mail :). Tekdi ka plan tha last day tak .

@Ali, Party hum to benglore me hee reng riye hain. Thand bajne ka role to idhar bhi nee hain. Apni sawari kan tiki huyi hain ?

Ali Asgher Zakir said...

arrey party apan bhi toh idhar hi hain...milte hain ni kabhi, aur koi bhi hain kya idhar apne wahan ka....

BrownPhantom said...


Haan Bilkul. Mail me your number @prashantdhanke@gmail.com

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