Thursday, September 18, 2008

How we learnt 'English" over the last few decades.

Year 1958 . Well, first the basics .

Movie : Dilli ka Thug

C.A.T. Cat, Cat Maane Billi, R.A.T. Rat, Rat Maane Choohaa

Matlab iska kaho tum kya huaa.

M.A.D. Mad, Mad Maane Paagal, B.O.Y. Boy, Boy Maane Ladkaa

N.O.S.E. Nose, Nose Maane Naak, C.R.O.W. Crow, Crow Maane Kauvaa

G.O.A.T. Goat, Goat Maane Bakri, L.I.O.N. Lion, Lion Maane Sher


Year 1971 . You must learn to tell your name sonny boy.

Movie : Amar Akbar Anthony

My Name Is Anthony Gonsalves, Main Duniya Mein Akela Hoon


Year 1981. By this time we were good enough for simple sentences.

Movie : Ek duje ke liye

I Don't Know What You Say ,I Don't Know Don't Know What You Say

But I Want To Dance And Play , I Want To Play The Game Of Love


Year 1994. Learnt to speak bigger words and copy others.

Movie : Criminal .

Song: Tu mile, dil khile.

Darling, every breath you take ,Every move you make, I will be there with you

What would I do without you?I want to love you forever and ever and ever


Year 2007. Confident enough to create our own brand of English.

Movie : Cash 2007.

Song : Naughty Naughty .

Sainya sainya Sehari , Lagen hai mohe sexy.

Love the way u touching me.


Year 2008. Going Strong.

Movie: Race

Zara Zara Touch Me Touch Me Touch Me Ah

Zara ZaraKiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me Ah

Zara ZaraHold Me Hold Me Hold Me Ah Zara ZaraOooo ooo ooo

I love the way you touchin me, feeling meBoy im gonna be rebelling,

Boy my little secrets gonna let you know That when you put your arms around me,

I love the way you surround me Oh boy I m gonna loose control


Anonymous said...

So true..culture ki to waat lag chuki hain..

Nimisha said...

And stronger still :P :D

Left Leg Aage Aage, Right Leg Pichay Pichay
Aaja Yaara Lets Start Ve
Sar Kho Gumale Round, Pear Zaara Up Down
Itni Si Ye Baat Ve
Woh Banda Hin Kya Hain, Jho Naache Na Gaaye
A Haaton Mein Tho Haath Thamle..
Oiii Dance Pe Chance Marle

BrownPhantom said...


Yes this one indicates us becoming more experimental. More importantly, it doesn't fall in line with the moral degradation with time which the ones in post suggest:).

Shruthi said...

Hahaha.. well done! But I think you forgot our most important English learning phase. The Anu Malik phase.
MAD had a different meaning – My Adorable Darling. Incredible isn’t it. The song went something like this:
MY Adorable Darling
I think of you every night every morning
Tere bin main nahin jee sakta hoon
Oh my darling main tera prince charming.

BrownPhantom said...

Yes, very true :). Idiotic phase that was.