Thursday, September 16, 2010

My Jazz Album

In a bid to up the cool-quotient I’ve taken to jazz these days. Have come to realize that jazz is an interest that will need a bit more cultivation. Listening to the numbers on “Smooth Jazz” on 91.9 FM, I couldn’t help wondering, sometimes, at the connection between the title and the music, especially when there are no words in the song. Of course when there are words, it’s straightforward and apparently I am yet to go beyond the straightforwardness in jazz.

I acknowledge that I have a lot to learn and understand. However, the possibility of naming such songs whimsically led me to create a jazz album of my own. I’ve tried to keep up with the contemporary themes and hence you’ll sense an inclination towards the matters of heart. Following are the songs with brief introductions:

1. Your Imperfect Teeth: Tune for a lad in love who finds his object of desire to be perfect, almost though.

2. Did You Sneeze On My Hanky : Let’s face it; we breathe in a devious world. No one, I repeat, no one, can be trusted; especially with your handkerchiefs.

3. One And Two And One And Jump : The song lacks universal appeal. It’s an expression against the guys who go to aerobics class near the park I go for my weekly jog. Douche bags.

4. Promise You Won’t Chew My Red Rose Again: A haunting melody of repeated attempts at unrequited love. Set to be a critics' favorite.

5. There Is No Fork Either: Melancholic psychedelic rhythm set to bring nerds closer to jazz and putting fear of God in ill mannered butlers.

6. Petty Coats: A rendition that forces the listener to contemplate the lack of fashion scene in the downtrodden blocks of the society.

7. Don’t You Marry That Monkey, My Baby : A misleading title, granted. This is not a song for the jealous or disowned. Au contraire, it’s about a discerning father trying to put sense in the smitten daughter’s head.

8. Wash Wash Wash : The only song with lyrics in it. It goes “Wash Wash ,Wash Wash Wash,..” in a feeble feminine voice that seems to be fading away, but never does so . Partial inspired by Macbeth, this song is expected to be popular in a niche audience, the over qualified housewives.

9. The Man With Concrete Ambitions : A dedication to the solid men of the society, the men with square heads on squarer shoulders. Let me tell you this: Jazz is all about improvisation. But this tune is tailored to leave no scope for hocus-pocus.

10. Your Almost Always Covered Body Parts: One can sense the perversion with a concern for hygiene and regular toilet habits in the title. The tune is bound to be popular in bands that play in baraats.

11. Ain’t Got No Damn To Give No More: A pinch of blithe and rebel in the beats. Targeted towards teenagers and middle aged men alike. Acid-Jazz at its best.

12. Hazards Of Broken Heart: A sad soft song. Guaranteed to leave a lump in a few throats by the time saxophone kicks in. The tritest of the lot, but done with elegance.

13. Nibbling The Sibling: The piece that pushes the album from the clutches of ordinary to the realms of grandeur. Limits of jazz are flirted in this surrealistic rigmarole of incest, gore and cannibalism.


Preeti Shenoy said...

:) :) :)

Lovely post! true brown phantom style.
Clever, quirky sharply observed and acutely funny.
Enjoyed the read.

Cheers :-)

Ruchira said...

Absolutely wicked and hilarious !

BrownPhantom said...

Thank you so much Preeti and Ruchira. Glad that you liked it :).

pravanjan said...

"Wash Wash Wash" is going to be my fav. :-)

Minstrel Incognito said...

Awesome stuff! :):) My fav would be "Don't marry that monkey, my baby" ! hilarious!

Atrisa said...

Oh how wonderfully put together. Must get down to listening a few of them, particularly attracted by don't chew on my red rose again :) Whatay title! Congratulations on the blogadda mention!

Eveline said...

This post made me laugh. Great list! I guess I'm going to have to do my own list 'cause there are so many Jazz tracks I also can't get my head around too.

heh No.10 'Your Almost Always Covered Body Parts'..funny stuff.

BrownPhantom said...

I knew it will be your fav ;).

@Minstrel Incognito,
Thanks :).

Yeah, too many of my red roses have been chewed and stomped :). Thanks.

Relief to know that even those totally into music can't get their head around some jazz stuff :). Thanks.

Pesto Sauce said...

I never got jazz

A S said...

heheh! nice one!

monisha mehta said...

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shanky said...

creativity at its best ;)