Saturday, March 6, 2010

A Tree, A Lizard, And A Dementia

This is not a “proper” post, in a sense that it is being done just for the sake of discipline. Am working on something interesting (hopefully) which is taking time. However, I would hate to break the “at least one post per week” rule. Can’t let the weekend go dry.

Be careful what you wish for: Three mornings ago, I saw a lizard in my bedroom as soon as I woke up. It was a big fat one. There have always been a few cobwebs near the ceiling, but they pretty much keep to themselves. But the lizard was a new intruder. Plus it had the ability to move. And you don’t want to see a big fat lizard first thing in the morning unless you are a lizard of opposite sex (with due respect to homosexuals and to those with weird fetishes).

I did what the helpless do. I cursed it. I pointed my finger at it and kept staring it, wishing it death. (You can get away with almost anything if you stay alone). After a while I got up and went to office.

When I returned at night, I saw my bed covered with red ants. They were feeding on the corpse.


Heisenberg’s psychology principle: In my previous office, many a times if I was late, I had to park my car outside near a park (haa haa). In general, you’ll expect that most cars will be parked in areas which are shaded by the trees. But most of the employees left only after 7PM which meant that the cars had sufficient time to cool down. So they sought areas which were NOT under a tree to avoid having bird-poop on their beloved possessions.

One such area was my favorite spot; it was closest to office. Over two years ago, I saw a tree being planted near that spot. It seemed harmless then, the little one. I continued parking there for the next one and a half years, which is when I got shifted to another office.

Last week, I happened to go to that previous office and mechanically parked my car at the same old spot. As you might have guessed, it was found covered with bird-poop when I returned. There the tree stood; the big boy; still not fully grown, but big enough to attract birds on its shoulders.

What surprised me was that it must have been growing for the one and half years when I used to park there and I simply didn’t see it all that while. Strange, how sometimes the more one observes, the less one notices.


That’s it. Those two were the only out of ordinary events in my life last week.
Wait. Well there was this minor detour which had me having a beer, an ice-cream and a chocolate pastry, simultaneously. The pastry was named “Dementia”.


sammythewizzy said...

Really interesting stories!! :)

I guess the conclusion for the second one should have been 'the more one notices, the less one observes' (coz when you observe something, you examine it more than when you notice it)

Atrisa said...

Lol! Atleast you observed!
Such a mystery that curse one, me thinks you should've kept a camera on. That would've made an entry into Animal Planet. Hey, additional revenue never hurts!

Nicky said...

I like these 'personal' posts of yours.

They make this blog feel much more endearing while keeping your wit intact!

BrownPhantom said...

Wordplay :).Plus, I didn't "observe" the thing that mattered. Here "observation" as a process in general while notice has to do with what registered finally.
Thank you so much for liking it :)

Yeah, that poop served as the slap on head.
I guess, the lizard was old and lost:).
Are we talking paranormal activity here :). Thank you.

Thank you. Means a lot. I'll keep this in mind :)

contramental said...

The personal posts create a good connect indeed. There is little else we come to know except that you had a maid, lifts in office, that your car has a radio and the likes. Characters in ur life aint as entertaining as u are, is it or they mind if u pull them in?

Vipul Grover said...

even ur fillers r fuller than a normal bloggers full posts :p

Shruthi said...

oh chocolate pastry! :) I want :(

the thought of finding a lizard on my bed scares me. its too disturbing- Corpse and red ants :-|

Preeti Shenoy said...

Now I should truly take precautions since you have inadvertently disclose that you possess the power of making thoughts come true :-) Who knows what you may wish for!(staying alone and all that) :-)

And a pity about the law of nature-- everything changes and 'grows'.

How many calories does Dementia have ? :P :-)


C G said...

Lolz. The Pointy Finger Curse. Works like a charm eh?
Loved the way you manage to pen your thoughts. Witty and humorous. I like! :)

Anonymous said...

The ability to see the extraordinary in the ordinary...And maybe cause some mishaps..And then narrate it so well...*Applause** :)

PS: Your bed was covered with red ants and a dead lizzy??? How is it that you still sleep in it??? Pray tell me. :p

BrownPhantom said...

I have talked about my sweet family in one of my earlier posts :). Thanks.

Good to see you back after long. Thanks dude.

May you have it soon :). Thank you.

BrownPhantom said...

Those powers work only against the evil :).
Dementia had calories enough to let me go hungry for two day. :)

Thank you so much for your kind words :).

Thank you :).
Well, I just had to throw the bed-sheet away and turn the mattress upside down :).

AJ said...

The first one was awesome.... Didn't understand heisenberg....

n voila...!!! for the third, understood 'carlsberg' well... :D deja-vu!! as I too had been to BBQ nation, here in Pune this weekend n.... found beer, ice cream, pastry ++++ gulab jamoon , n phirnee... I would defnitely grow.... (atleast around the waist!!)

Cheers to life.!! :-D

Jagjit said...

Awesome. You have a knack for storytelling. Loved the lizard's end. Lizard story's end that is. :)

Minu said...

would you mind wishing the same for lizards in my kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, patio, living room, study room ,kids room? Would not take too much of your time--as all the rooms are not different- but just one! Wonder why my curses don;t work on them?

Nothing beats your wits,humour and writing, dude!