Monday, August 20, 2012

Everyone’s self-centered; it’s the radius that matters.

Tonight I claim what is mine, as it seems to be growing in popularity.

To know more, you will have to click here and here.

Apart from the pages that are searchable by google, I have seen this quote being used in profiles (Facebook, Myspace, Orkut), forums, favorite quote lists and emails.

Way back in late-2003/early-2004, a very close friend of mine was upset that her boyfriend called her self-centered. (I thought it’s a neat thing to say to any girl.) They are happily married now and I am really glad for them.  On that occasion, the metaphysically inclined agony aunt within me came up with this line. We liked it and I posted it on a website. If anyone shows me this quote written anywhere before 2003, I will delete my blog.

I know it’s not that great. No irony, no cynicism, no humor. It’s hopelessly motivational. But hey, people like it. They don’t add my name to it (barring a few westerners). Click here. No Indian mentions the author’s name. I don’t blame them. They would have done that if it was written by some Xing Pyong or Henry Wordsworth.

Apparently, Shreya Ghoshal likes it too. Click here.

She thinks that Abhishek Kapoor came up with it, something which he hasn’t bothered to deny.  He has put a smiley after the quote, which many have retweeted. My friends, I ask you, who is more likely to have come up with such a nerdy quote:

1.       A Bollywood director who directed “Rock On” (no Primer, Pi or Prestige for that matter).
2.       A bespectacled guy who memorized log and sine (and hence cosine) tables in school because looking up the values in log book was too much work.

I don’t mind if folks put it as status message, favorite quote or a tweet.  It gives me a kick, as a matter of fact. However, there are people who offhandedly put it in the middle of a paragraph, as if it just popped up in their train of thought. And when the blog post receives a comment that points it out to be a wise thing, they say “Thanks J”.

To those people, I have this advice ( back in 2003, I used to give it a lot): “Aukat me reh”.

Apple Inc., I feel your pain.


Anshu said...

you did. I remember ..i googled it that time as well..

Shruthi said...

I remember your quote.

But you know what, some people randomly give credit to the guy who wrote about a monk and his ferrari. I hope that doesn't happen :(

And oh, Rock on director has used a 'surprised smiley'. Probably he was surprised to know people believed he came up with a quote. Worst he is!

BrownPhantom said...

Thank you guys. Please share/like it on my FB page to get the man his due.

And Shruthi, I didn't see any google results with his name. I hope what you hope.

Panky said...

I am using your this quote shamelessly since 2004 in my FB/Orkut favorite quotes :)

Anonymous said...

My man- You took the best from the world to become what you are, and you gave your best back to it in return. The transaction is over. Nothing is due to no-one. :)

There is a scene in Rang De Basanti where a wife of a army officer, who died in battle, says that when she married him she realized that he belonged to the country more than his family. Your words are a gift to the world, and they belong to the world now. Not yours anymore.

BrownPhantom said...

@Panky, I know :).

@Anon, That's a very lofty comparison :). Thanks a lot.

bondgal_rulz said...

A neat line, I must admit.

And I'm sure we'll have your blog around forever. :)


Anonymous said...

Mr. DNA ke,

(sorry that's my iPad typo)

You should thank Shreya to use your quote in a twisted form and thereby giving you an opportunity to write again through your blog!

Btw, patents only works for twenty years during which a company such as Apple can charge royalty or block, etc. The whole idea of patenting is that after some fame and name, the idea gets owned by the world rather than the originator. So in this case, I would consider you as a gainer!

So, next time, remember to patent before you go public or just keep it a secret!

The choice is yours!

Btw, the best benefit is in being just what you have done at present! And that is doing neither of the above two!

Good luck!

BrownPhantom said...

I agree. Your style seems familiar. Do I know you :).

Anonymous said...

Of course!

Anonymous said...

Meh, isn't it faulty logic? Self-centered is radius of oneself right?saying radius matters is to acknowledge self(few others or more including)-centered,then its not self-centered only selectively inconsiderate.hey I didn't go to iit so you do the math.seriously sorry for Dr.cooper like comment.Khikhi:) too analytical? hey do what floats one's boat
right?.Dr.koothrapaali is a wise man:) still haven't said hello to you:( its stupid really.oh there's one more anon,anon-phaanan.Haha

Anonymous said...

may be keeping in aukaat :/."tonight I claim what is mine" sounds like a rock song, yeah,"Adam Levine style" :)

BrownPhantom said...

@Second Anon,
Reveal yourself.

@First Anon,
If you are who I think you are, how are you?

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

I would want you to guess first! If you are right, I would reveal! :)

Anonymous said...

I am doing good. Thanks. Hope you are good too.

Anonymous said...

Hi. I used this quote on my FB way back. I did give you credit though! And I ain't no westerner :)

Whuaat? said...

Haha! This whole situation is rather funny. Love the quote, btw!

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