Sunday, September 28, 2008

For Chameli, whenever I may find her

Terror is what I was craving for last night. It had been quite a long time since I woke up in the night fear-struck with a nightmare. I live alone . The unconscious mind sometimes create too vicious scenes to be ever imagined by even an immensely fertile brain. I didn't have the guts to peer outside the blanket last time. I was sweating; feeling thirsty . Took a good fifteen minutes for senses to return.

There are nightmares which leave you feeling good once you wake up relieved that "it was just a dream"; then there are others which leave a hole deep inside, leaving you aghast at the "possibilities". It's not about ghosts or accidents or even death. Sometimes it could be just a face that follows you across the streets. No blood,no scars,no tears; but that horrific "something" on that face which I don't have any clue about.

Anyway , so hoping for that mad rush of blood and those goosebumps , I recollected some "real stuff' while I was trying to sleep. I had the most blissful dream of my life instead.

She was sleeping. All I wanted was to touch her. Took an eternity to move my hands close to that lovely face. First I just blew her hair. Comtemplated whether this is enough for now. Two centuries later my fingers carassed those silky cheeks. Overwhelmed , with watery eyes ,I watched that beautiful innocence lay there dreaming . Her eyelids moved, then slowly they opened ; two black moons in white nights had my reflection in them. Red lips smiled. A billion emotions surged ; even the unconscious mind buckled.

I was awake now, my heart pounding and eyes moist.Don't know whether I shall see that face again; its beauty is all mine till then.


TinTin said...

next blog mein apna matrimonial ad bhi banaiyega.. :)

samaira said...

chameli... a bit lame name ..
u can do much better.. trust me

Prashant said...

Samaira, there's a song "For Emily, whenever I may find her". So there.

samaira said...

chill.... :) i wud have said tht
to ne of my friends..
didnt realize i dont knw u n
shudnt have been so frank.. :)
do respect ur feelings though...

Prashant said...

Well, I didn't mind at all :). Comments on the posts whether good/bad and suggestions are always welcome. I hope you'll like the latest posting "Dilli ka Thug".

vaishali agrawal said...

a soothingly gr8 post...:)