Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Bee and the Beast

I saw brightness shimmering through the window glasses of his house on that rainy night. Then he opened one of the windows to smell the wet soil; the fragrance rushed inside & luminescence squeezed outside. I flew inside towards the tube-light, my wings feeling the strong waves of music being played in that room.

White rays soaked my whole body and the rhythm of "Loosen up my buttons" had me swooning .Dancing, I fluttered my wings to fly across the room & started singing along with "Pussy-Cat-Dolls". That's when I attracted his attention;he looked with irritation and accusation at me. I had spent my lifetime being looked upon like that by humans. I chose to ignore him . Enjoying the moment I increased the pitch of my voice & even teased him once by diving very close to his ears.He got up and left the room. That beautiful world was all mine .

He returned with a blue cylindrical container in his hand. I saw a hint of guilt and cruelty in his purposeful eyes. I turned my back on him to fly towards the glorious source of whiteness. I heard a swishing sound and the next moment a thousand needles were piercing my body. My head spun,wings faltered . The devil was smiling. He was moving his thin hands again to point that cylinder towards me; I gathered all my strength to fly away , the window was closed.

With a sleight of his hand , he showered me once again with the toxic liquid from that cylinder. This blow was even harder, I hid behind the curtains but my cries didn't stop; my wings weren't steady and brushed across the fabric to make a sound large enough for him to locate me. The snake in his hand hissed again and spit the venom; with each blow my movements were getting sluggish and it was getting easier for him to bathe me with that acid.

I couldn't hold on any more and fell on the cold floor. One of my wing got stuck in the curtains . He looked down on me. I begged him to crush me to death. Assured that I can't fly any more, he left me there writhing in pain destined for a slow painful death. He was now playing "Don't leave me now" by Pink Floyd and watched my last moments intently with stony lifeless eyes.

Two days have passed since I died and he still hasn't moved me from my death bed. My body has blackened further, my wings have turned brown . One of my wings is still stuck in the curtains. The poison on my body has ensured that even the ants are not touching me. But all that doesn't matter anymore; I am a free soul now. Just a few questions regarding my murderer remain : Why hasn't he moved my body yet? Why did he play "Don't leave me now " ? Is he mourning my death?


Beena said...

Ur writing makes the situation more lively...

Ruchika said...

may her soul rest in peace !!

C G said...

Wow! Such a unique post. I felt bad for a bee..
I feel so thankful that I have never killed a bee. Now roaches are a different story altogether.. :)

Fun 1st post!